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Saturday, August 1, 2015

"RUBY" affectionate, playful Boxer mix

Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink 

Hello, my name is Ruby! Let me tell you about myself, I am smart, active, playful, housetrained, and ride nicely in cars! My family is no longer able to take care of me so I'm searching for that special someone to bond with. I love the simple things in life, like cuddling and rolling in the grass. I've been attending finishing school here at the shelter with our trainers and I'm so bright and fun to train that I've become a bit of a teacher's pet! ;) They've conditioned me to a clicker to accelerate my training and boy has it worked! So far, I've learned to sit/stay, down/stay, give eye contact, walk nicely on a leash and I'm doing very well passing dogs on walks. My previous owners told the shelter that I have had issues guarding food from other dogs. When I first arrived at the shelter, I was reactive towards other dogs. I've made a ton of progress through training and I'm looking for a family who will continue my training. My ideal family will not have young children since I'm about 70lbs and 3 years old and don't quite know my own strength when I'm excited. I have lived with a large male dog before and likely could again with a slow introduction but ideally, I'd be an only pet. The shelter is requiring a private consultation with a trainer for whoever ends up adopting me!

It's too hot to walk on the pavement today!



"TECO" - wiggly and fun little terrier needs games to play

Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!
now in an MCAS Foster home!
here's my Mcas weblink 

Hey folks! I am an outgoing and affectionate boy looking for adventure. I will benefit from daily exercise, mental stimulus, and an adopter who can be dedicated to me. Sadly, I have been adopted a couple of times but haven't found that special someone who can take on my anxiety and housetraining issues. Bring on the toys, the trick training and the romps in the park! I am best suited in a home without any small critters or cats but would love another dog to play with. I am about 4 years of age and I weigh 13lbs. If you are interested in learning more about my history, please contact my foster mom, Angela, at (503)807-1516. Phone only, no text.




"MCAS Dogs could REALLY use your help - with Fund Raising for some Kennel Air Conditioning!

The MCAS Multnomah County Animal Shelterdogs  could really use some help with Fundraising! 

- Building fund - donations are drastically needed for modifications to the Dog Kennels - both intake area and Adoption area
 The  DOG KENNELS need AIR CONDITIONING!   - and the current electrical system needs a big update to do this - Please? can you help? maybe you have "expertise" with fundraising?  or you just love dogs like us and want to do something wonderful (like donating instead of buying that cute car upgrade)
 (ps - any politically idiotic comments on the subject are from me, not multnomah county)
  Seriously, it is TOO HOT!

-  Dolly's Fund  ALL donations go towards helping medical needs for the animals in the shelter's care
 - Funding for a new Staff position (note -  this not an official position, just a thought) it would be great to have a permanent staff member who is very experienced with dogs and is creative with training methods too...  to help with Dog Training and Enrichment,  who's good at working with both the staff and volunteers, and is passionate about helping the dogs. the dogs in the shelter kennels can do much better during their stay, and the volunteers become more proficient at training and understanding the dogs in their care.

- Volunteer 

Become a Volunteer! 
- And if you are a past volunteer who loves the dogs please come visit them.  Dogs aren't political - and need your love and help
-  Become  a Volunteer Foster Home -  so many medium and large dogs especially linger forever and it's not fair to is such a rewarding experience to foster a shelter dog
- many dogs just need a foster for a medical need or a just respite from the noisy kennels.

Multnomah County Animal Services is the open intake shelter for Multnomah County and takes in ALL the stray animals  that come their way - regardless of size, age, history, breed, or appearance, or medical condition.... and they often take in animals from the public when the owners cannot keep them and has no other place to bring them!

Many dogs are often in the MCAS shelter for a long time - either on hold or on adoption and we'd like to make their stay better!! MCAS shelter is supported by county funds - but that only supports the most basic needs, and contributions really help.

Friday, July 31, 2015

WEASLEY - the cat - LOVE this cat! Westside of Town

Aug 1, 2015
we'll miss him.... would love to hear updates!

Weasley the cat - Weasley is like a smart, fun and affectionate dog, combined with the bit of silly feistiness and self entertainer of a cat!  This awesome guy is available for Adoption at the Bonnie L Hays, Washington County Animal Shelter!
 Open Mon through Sat
(Closed on Sunday and Holidays)

Washington Co Animal Shelter (Bonnie L Hays)
1901 SE 24th Ave MS 53
Hillsboro, OR 97123

ps - please note - the shelter does not take holds but you can call in advance (except on Sunday- closed) to see if the animal is still available at time of call...

If this cat is appropriate for a home with children, you must bring children aged 12 and under to the shelter with you for the adoption process. Not all cats and children are a perfect match, so we want to make sure that the kitty you select is a family-friendly feline.
Adoptions are on a first-come first-served basis among approved applicants. We cannot hold pets, so when you are ready to select a pet, please come prepared.
update - I like to cuddle too, and I'm a sweetie!.....Hey, I 'm smart and fun and would love to learn more than just hanging out and being bored....So, are You a cat lover who wants to engage with your adopted cat, and help me to learn new things? Do you like to have fun, are easily entertained? and believe that cats can learn stuff?  Well... I then I hope to meet you soon!    I like treats, so I'm food motivated (and amazingly, I take them gently from your hand;- but have been known to try to climb up your leg for one too - ooops - we're working on that!  I have a big brain, I love new people and am a very restless kind of guy - the perfect formula for a smart cat who can learn tricks!!   but I'll be adopted soon and don't want to miss my chance at learning new stuff..
3 yrs old, 11 lbs, children 6 and up.  I would also like to be the only kitty in the home please
put the ball into the circle

and  watch it run around
I like lots of interactive cat toys (ps this one has a treat inside)
what's going on out there?
after a good play session, I love to cuddle!

I'm a lovable boy

Thursday, July 30, 2015

"GUINEA PIGS" - tp good homes

An adult should always be the responsible pet caretaker....

Guinea Pigs are awesome little pets, and nice easy companions!. They need gentle, loving, well informed people to adopt them. Guinea Pigs are usually good with kids .....but a pet should never be only a "child's responsibility" An adult should always be the responsible pet caretaker. Children can grow bored, and then what happens to the pet if the adult isn't also caring about the pet?

A Guinea Pig would love the companionship of another GP!
Here's an interesting Link on Petfinder about Guinea Pigs 
Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services

here's my Mcas weblink 

Mr Pibb







lots of us!  guinea pigs are basically gentle little souls who make funny cute noises....and nope!  we're not "dogs"  - or cats -  so don't expect any deep relationship with us ?  but we are endearing little pets and  we love to have  the companionship of another guinea pig!



Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"GINGERSNAP" - Cute and quirky little one - hoping for the right match

Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!
Now in a Foster Home!

here's my Mcas weblink 

My name is Gingersnap and I am the cutest little thing around! I am currently in foster care. If you are interested in me, contact my foster mom at to set up a time to meet me!
I am quite the socialite and love everybody I come in contact with. I enjoy playing with toys and taking a stroll around the block. I also really enjoy my treats, but it's very important to not let me get any heavier. These little legs can't carry much more. It has been surprising to my shelter friends that I have already been adopted and returned twice in only a month. The first time was because my adopters stated I wasn't housetrained. Good news is that my second adopter said I was crate trained and didn't have any issues except they noticed I have seizures and can loose my bladder during them. They did report that I chase my tail and can be obsessive. If you're looking for a sweet little quirky dog, then look no further. Ask about me today! I am about 4 years old and weigh 7 pounds :)



"SKADADLE" a big (Siamese colored) Angora raabbit

Skedadle is so cute, and she looks like a round longhaired Siamese cat!
Bunnies are"low maintenance" for a pet, but they need daily exercise outside of a pen, interaction with  people, and good food and care. Like....WHY would you want a pet, if you couldn't give this to a sweet animal who depends on you, right?  Bunnies can live to be 10 years old, so  they are still a relatively long commitment from their owner. 

Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services
here's my Mcas weblink

"SKEDADLE" is a big angora rabbit! She looks like a Siamese cat in a bunny body.
Hi my shelter name is Skedaddle, I am an Angora rabbit female about 1 year old. I am ready for a patient loving rabbit family to take me home, cuddle and brush me. I am going to be spayed and have a microchip by the time I go home.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"NALLA" UPDATE I love people, hiking, swimming and more

Hi there, Nalla here.  I LOVE PEOPLE!  I am a great dog on field trips and just so much fun to be around! It might be easier if I was the only dog in the home, just so I could find a good home and get out of here, without worrying about any other stuff.... but all compatible dogs are still welcome to meet me;) 

Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services

here's my Mcas weblink 

Hi there, I'm Nalla. I'm a 5 year old female Pitbull mix. As you can see I've had a litter of puppies while I was out and about, but I'm done with that now and ready to settle in as someone's pet. I am 60 pounds of people lovin' Pitbull, active and full of kisses and nibbles. Because I'm so friendly, the shelter recommends kids 8 & up because my tail could be dangerous to kids at eye level. My best match with other dogs is a medium to large respectful male. Come meet me, I could be your new best friend

Here's me on another day trip with MCAS volunteer Katia! 
Thanks Rebecca for getting pics of our outing :)
time out for water!

here's me on my first  field trip with Katia, my Mcas volunteer buddy
I love the water!

yup, here's me at the MCAS shelter
I have a very lovable personality with everyone I meet


Monday, July 27, 2015

"BESSIE" pretty Pitmix will thrive in a calm home with active owners

Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services

here's my Mcas weblink  (8/1 adoption pending)

My name is Bessie and I'm looking for a new home. As you can see I have had plenty of puppies and I am done with that for good. I am a very social girl that loves people and I love to give kisses. I do still need to learn some manners though. I just get so excited I can't take it, so sometimes I will jump up to give you a kiss. I am asking that my new home not have any kids under 6 years old, due to this. The little ones could easily take a tumble with my exuberance. Reward based classes should really help me learn how to be polite though. If you are looking for a stunning, active girl, than please come down to the shelter and meet me today! I am about 2-1/2 years old and weigh 55 pounds.


Sunday, July 26, 2015

"ROJO" UPDATE French Mastiff mix- I love to go hiking!

Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services

here's my Mcas weblink  
Hi Everyone! My name is Rojo and I'm a big lug with a big heart! I'm a 3 year old french mastiff mix and as you can see, I'm very athletic. Not much is known about me before I came to the shelter, but someone tried to crop my ears and now I look like a well known cartoon character! Even though I've not had a family who's cared for me properly, I'm quite social with people. I've been a perfect gentleman here in at the shelter and I'm ready to find a family of my very own! I'm big and young so my ideal family wouldn't have small children that I might accidentally knock over but children over 10 should be fine. My new family should not have small animals or cats I might like to chase them. I am quite smart and motivated and I would love for someone to take me to get a higher education with some positive obedience classes. I have met several dogs here at the shelter and have a forward greeting style but am appropriate once I get to smell them. A well matched female dog companion who falls in love with my good looks shouldn't be hard to find! Could that someone be you?! I have been at the shelter since June 1st so please don't pass me by!
thanks Rebecca for these pics of my hiking excursion!
I know....I look too skinny! Shelter life is not for me! I really need a good home, one who overlooks my amature ear cropping and a home who loves me!

I LOVE my waterfall hiking shot with Mcas volunteer Katia.  Thank you Rebecca Richardson for  getting such nice pics on our hike


 the loooongggg strrrretttchhhhhhh
well......can't say Rojo liked the pool.....
but he LOVED the hose!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

"GRETA" UPDATE! nice little senior pitbull

Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

Greta is now in an MCAS Foster Home! 
here's my Mcas weblink 

Hello, my name is Greta! Like lounging on the couch after a steady walk? We might be a great match! I am a mature lady who still has a get up and go attitude. My new family will be sure to fall in love with my charming personality! They should be able to provide me with regular flea control to make sure my hair grows back nice and healthy. My shelter friends don't know much about my skills with other dogs but think a respectful dog and a slow introduction may be okay. I have some health concerns that aren't uncommon in older gals like me: I have a limp and some lumps and bumps, the most concerning of which have been removed. I'd love the opportunity to spend the rest of my days in a happy, loving home. I am around 12 years old and weigh 60 pounds. GRETA is currently in foster care. Contact for more information or to arrange to meet sweet Greta!