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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

'DAPHNE" sweet Rat Terrier

Hi. Hello! Hey! I'm Daphne, and I'm just about the sweetest little rat terrier you'll ever meet. I have been hanging out in foster care, so the shelter now knows lots more about me. For starters, I am house trained and crate trained like a champ. I can hold it great if you're the working type. I get along great with other dogs. I'm a quiet little lady who loves to snuggle on the couch, loves to have my chin scritched, loves to chase tennis balls, and loves to nap in slivers of sunshine that come through the window. I definitely prefer women to men, sorry guys! I would do best in a woman-only home where any children are over the age of 12. I like to follow you around the house, especially if you go to the kitchen where you're surely looking for my next treat. I'm smart. I'm docile. Loud noises and quick movements can startle me at first, but I'm a resilient little gal, and I bounce back fast! I need a family who will go at my pace, encourage me, and make me part of the family. What do you say? Shall we head home and commence immediate snuggling? I am about 2 1/2 yrs old and I weigh 13 lbs. I'm currently hanging out in a foster home waiting for my new people. If you'd like to meet me, please contact the foster coordinator Donna at 503-545-3021 or

Monday, April 21, 2014

" MYRTLE" sociable lovable bunny!

Myrtle loves attention and gentle pets. She is very friendly. She is easy to hold (and the shelter would be happy to show you the best ways to hold a rabbit to support their back)
Mrytle is a nice white rabbit that was found abandoned in the park and is now ready for an indoor home. 


 She is approximately 3 years old. She weighs about 7.6 lbs.
Here's her MCAS weblink!

"TOOTSIE ROLL" cute, compact and delightful!

Hello, my name is Tootsie Roll! You will have to meet me in person to understand why my shelter friends chose that name! I arrived here as a stray dog and am now looking for an active family without any cats who can provide me with everything a dog could ever want! Please come down to the shelter and meet me!





I am around ___   years old and weigh__    pounds.
(I think that I am rather young? and I'm a beautiful, short and compact little Pitbull.)
Here's my MCAS weblink

MCAS Cats for Adoption!



All the Multnomah County Animal Shelter Cats and Dogs on "Adoption" are spay/neutered, microchipped, licensed, and vaccinated, and more before they go to their new homes.
PLEASE  spay/neuter and license/microchip your pets, so that more of the lovely cats and dogs that come into open-intake shelters like MCAS (or any shelter) as "Lost/Found animals" can find their way back  to their homes again.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

"BUDDY JORDAN" little American Shelter Dog!

Hello my name is Buddy and I am happy to tell you a little about myself. First why I am here. I have to be honest I don't like the younger humans. They are loud, move too fast & in general hard to predict. That got me in this situation so I am putting a brave face on and looking forward.


 I lived with a cat and a dog, I adored my dog companion and could take or leave the cat. My favorite things to do are walks and lap time and my favorite toy is a squeaky toy.
So all you mature families please ask about me today.
I am around 3 1/2 years old and weigh about 15 lbs. Here's my
MCAS weblink

Friday, April 18, 2014

"BENTLEY" I'm quite cool!

Hi my name is Bentley, so nice to meet you. I am a handsome young man looking for an active family with no cats to help shape me into the best dog you have ever had. Sadly, my living situation has never been very stable and as a result, I have a couple of things to refine! My family said I am housetrained, love to snuggle, and can get myself into trouble when bored.


The shelter is asking us to go to classes together as a first step towards my perfection. We will all be learning so much I know it will be a blast. I am 2 1/2 years old and weigh about 63 lb. Here's my MCAS weblink

"TONY" good friend young Rottie mix

Well, here I am! You know, the dog you have been looking for! Your buddy, soulmate, best friend….me. I am young and I has a very good brain and some basic manners.


  I am a strong and athletic adult dog, so reward based training classes, daily exercise, and learning the art of settling is a must. I am about 1 year of age and I weigh 60 lbs. Here's my MCAS weblink

"DIEGO" nice young Pitbull

I'm a total love, and I just want stability and a new family to love me again! ps - I bet I can even get out over the scary camera next time!

Hello, my name is Diego! I arrived at the shelter because my family moved and couldn't bring me with. They report that I am crate trained, lived with and adored another dog, and am a social boy.




I have to admit that the shelter environment was a little overwhelming at first and am looking for a patient, gentle family who can help me adjust into a new home. Please come down to the shelter and meet me! I am around 2 years old and weigh 72 pounds. Here's my MCAS weblink

Thursday, April 17, 2014

"GWENDOLYN" chubby lovable Min PIN

Are you looking for a little bit of love to add to your home? Well I have MORE than enough to offer and then some! 




 I have been a calm and well behaved resident here at the shelter but I am a miniature pinscher and our breed is known for their feisty nature at times. I am looking for a home with kids over the age of 8 years and likely a feline free home is best. I have gotten along with other same sized canine roommates. I am about 7 years of age and I weigh 23lbs. Ask about me today! Here's my MCAS weblink

"CHAKITA" & "EVA" lots of Chihuahua bonded love!

Chakita and Eva are a bonded pair of chihuahua's that ended up in the shelter after their owner passed away. They were very scared and took a long time to warm up to a few people. They will need a quiet, adult only home that will allow them to settle in and take things easy.  


They both required a lot of dental work, and have only a few teeth left between them! The shelter would like to see them stay together, so they are a 2 for 1 adoption fee! Chakita is 14 yrs old and Eva is 7 yrs old. They both weight around 7lbs. Here is the weblink

"SPIKE" a good companion

Are you looking for a sturdy companion? Someone to greet you at the end of the day and listen to your secrets? I could be that guy! I have lived a bit of a rough life and I am ready for the comforts of a pampered pet. 



I am looking for a home with adult humans only and no small animals or cats. I may be well suited for a home with an adult female canine but a meet and greet at the shelter will be required. I am a pretty mellow fellow and I am hoping you ask about me today! I am about 6 years of age and I weigh a healthy 83lbs. Ask about me today! Here's my MCAS weblink

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"GRACIE" Big TALL lovely Lab mix!

UPDATE  I am now in a Foster Home!  Please contact Donna at 503-545-3021 or email
I am one of those once in a lifetime dogs. The kind that steps into your home and heart and never leaves. I am looking for a home that will keep me til the end of my time on earth. I am well behaved, friendly with all I have met, calm, and extremely loving to people.

I am looking for a home as the only dog. I am in the best years of my life and hoping to find a home who will support me with vet care, daily walks, and lots of good times.

I am just under 10 years of age and I weigh a substantial 101lbs. Ask about me today! Here's my MCAS weblink

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"MAMA" calm and lovable, well behaved sweetie

Mama knows sit, lie down and is good on a leash! She is a nice med size, and is so ready to please you!

Mama is a sweet and lovely dog. She got into some trouble when she escaped her last home, and now there will be some special requirements for confinement if her adopter lives in Multnomah County.

When she is outside of her yard she will need to be on leash at all times and wearing a head harness or muzzle. Your adoption counselor can tell you more about this. No small dogs in the home as well. She is playful, attentive, and full of energy! Please ask to meet her today. She is about 8 years old and weights 55lbs. Here's Mama's MCAS weblink