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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"WOLFIE - I'm sweet young Husky mix!

ok! I know that  I'm not for your average adopter. I'm too exuberant for kids under 12 and too nervous of new stuff for the average person hoping to just take their dog and casually go- to where ever- and not expect some time outs....for? well just some chill time for me..I'm a bit insecure
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Wolfie is a handsome young man looking for a special home. He lived the majority of his life on a chain, and now he will need someone with patience and time to help him adjust to a new life. He was adopted to a home where small children visited frequently and he was too much for them so he came back to the shelter to find a new home. His adopters reported that he is housetrained and is very active. Kids in his new home should be at least 12 years. He does walk well on leash, but gets scared around other dogs and people. He has bonded well with a few staff members here at the shetler, and we hope he can find someone to love him like we do!



Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"POI" a special sweetie Border Collie mix!

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I am a young dog looking for a special person to help me out. Do you love herding breed type dogs? Do you have the time and compassion to help me out? I will require some private training to address some fear issues, crate training, and staying calm around other dogs. I am an athletic boy and love to play with my toys! 


 I am a cuddler in the home with my people, but need to be the only pet and a home with a single person, couple, or family with kids over the age of 16 years. I am just about 2 years of age and I weigh 48lbs. I need FOSTER or a dedicated person to take an interest in me! Please talk with your adoption counselor about my needs and adoption requirements.

Monday, July 21, 2014

"GOOSE" a silly Goose" sweet Pitbull boy

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You might say that I can be a Silly Goose at times but I will always be sure to put a smile on your face. Yes, I may look like a tough guy but I am definitely the soft and sweet type. I am looking for an active home and prefer women to men. I am best suited to a household with children at least 10 years and a family who will dedicate to helping me brush up on the basics.


  I am looking for a home as the only pet. I have good house manners and love my Kong and chew toys. I am about 4 years of age and I weigh 70 lbs. Ask about me today!

"BEAR" handsome Yellow Lab

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Bear is a handsome gentleman who has had a rough transition of late. Both his humans passed recently, and then he ended up in the shelter. We found out he had a broken tooth, and it is likely that some of his not so friendly behavior was associated with his tooth. The tooth is now fixed, and we have found out he is a big goofy boy. He is best suited for a home with no other dogs, or a older mellow female may work as well. He is very food motivated, and likes to chase the ball. Imagine that! He is 7 years old and weights 80lbs. Bear is currently in a foster home, please contact the coordinator Donna at 503-545-3021 or for more information or to schedule a meeting!



"TRAVIS" - I'M BACK!!! wiggly and wonderful - fun little terrier

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Hey folks! I am an outgoing and free spirited terrier boy looking for adventure. I will benefit from daily exercise and reward based training. Bring on the toys and the trick training and the romps in the park! 



 The shelter will require that we take training classes as part of my adoption and I will make you proud! I may not be suited for a home with a cat. I am about 3 years of age and I weigh an athletic 11lbs. I am neutered.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

"ROZ" sweet and sensitive Pitbull

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Roz is a sweet and sensative gal looking for a new home that will be patient and kind as she settles in and adjusts. She is a active and appears to be housebroken.

Please come and meet her today! She is about 3 years old and she weighs 56lbs.

"ABE" lovable older Pitbull - 18 months or so in the shelter

ABE is a Sweetheart. We Love Him!!!   He's been living in an animal shelter for over 18 months now.

Mar 2013, Abe  was transferred from MCAS to the Lincoln Cty Animal Shelter for a change of venue to get adopted (happy tails soon to come, right?) ...but Older dogs  like Abe often don't get adopted quickly, regardless of their big brown eyes, cute freckles, sweetness or talents!
So now ....July 2014, Abe  transferred back to MCAS....
but the good news is this sweetie is still available!!

I took him out for photos last week, and Abe is as sweet as I remembered. He wants/needs to have  a toy/kong in his mouth when you first take him out of his kennel, and he's happy. Not much to ask for. 

So...How about visiting Abe?  He is a very nice boy! 
ps thank you MCAS and Lincoln County Animal Shelter for giving Abe the time to find a good home

Here's a quick video!

here's my MCAS weblink

Hello, my name is Abe! My shelter friends are all wondering why I have landed at the shelter! It appears that my previous owners loved me very much since I arrived neutered and with good skills! I might not be true to my breed in regards to giving my heart away and crawling into strangers lap for kisses and pets but if you have food or toys you will have my undivided attention! I know how to sit, shake, down, drop it, and I love to play fetch or tug!

What I'm really looking for now is a patient family with children 10 and older that can give me a second chance at love! Do we sound like a match? Please come down to the shelter and meet me! I am 10 years old and I weigh 67lbs.

"BENSEN" a senior Lab mix love

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Hello, my name is Bensen! I arrived at the shelter as a mature gentleman and am ready for a fresh start! My shelter friends can't tell you what my experience in life has been but here I have been curious to explore and enjoy a good back scratch!



My new home should be a patient and gentle family with no children under 10. Please come down to meet me and ask the staff about my medical needs. I am around 12 years old and weigh 62 pounds

"DEX" - shy and sweet little pup

Dex - is a handsome little guy who came into the shelter covered in mange. He has been in foster care for nearly 3 mths being treated and learning some manners. He is housebroken, but sometimes his signal to go outside is subtle. His new home will need to be diligent and keep up a routine! He knows sit, but could really use some obedience training. He has been in a house with children, dogs, and a cat that he would rather left him alone. HE is about 6 mths old and weights 11lbs. He is currently in foster care, please contact Donna the coordinator at 503-545-3021 or to meet him!


here's me when I first came into the shelter

Friday, July 18, 2014

"FABIAN" dashing older Lab mix

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In my day, I was probably quite the dashing young dog. That charm has stayed with me but has matured into an easy dignity that carries me even on the days when my stiff knees have trouble. I walk really nicely on a leash and I will make a quiet and companionable partner. 

 I am looking for a home that can help support me with routine vet care and gentle daily exercise. I am about 10 years of age and I weigh 80 lbs

"ZEDD" cute and funny little terrier

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Hello my name is Zedd and I am around 5 years old. My family came in to some hard times recently and rather than leave me homeless with them they gave me up hoping for a better life for me. I miss them something awful but am ready to put a good paw forward and start again. They wanted you to know a bit about me. I lived with an assortment of children and with a gentle introduction we got along great. I also lived with a cat, not my favorite but we learned to live together with no problems.

I consider myself a lap dog, yeah I am a little big weighing in at 12 lbs for the title but that’s what I like so I hope you can accommodate me.
You might have noticed my coat, yes I am not in the best of shape right now but with a good diet, regular flea control and baths I should be back to my stunning puppy good looks.

'SPARK" happy, cute and lively Lab/SharPei mix


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How about you give Spark a chance?  This young guy doesn't like being in the kennel, and so he barks....but visit him in a quiet place, and you'll see that Spark is a darling guy and a fabulous pet for an active loving home.

Boom! Pow! Crash! Just past the 4th of July, you need a little SPARK in your life! Sadly, my family could not have me where they lived anymore and I am now in the market for a new home! I am the ultimate package!



thanks Sarah for my pics!

 I am about 4 years old and have been around young kids, ages 6-11, I am very active and I LOVE LOVE LOVE a game of fetch! My previous life was rather sheltered so I may need some help adjusting to new situations like new people and meeting dogs or even things you think are commonplace like stairs! Please come take a look at me today!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"CAROLINA - unique and very pretty tan (Chi? Jack Russell? Doxie?) mix

Hi there, my name is Carolina, but I am no southern belle! I am a spitfire of a little gal looking for a home with children over the age of 8, preferably another dog who can handle my energy, and maybe a dog savy cat! When I get excited and play, I can be a bit mouthy. I like to chase the cat, but my foster mom is working on training me to stop before I catch it! When I came to the shelter I had mange and a bad skin infection, I am almost all healed now! The shelter will help with follow up on skin care as part of my adoption. If you are interested in meeting me, please contact the foster coordinator Donna at 503-545-3021 or


Monday, July 14, 2014

MCAS Cats for Adoption!



please note: if an MCAS weblink is no longer available, the cat has been adopted or transferred All the Multnomah County Animal Shelter Cats and Dogs on "Adoption" are spay/neutered, microchipped, licensed, and vaccinated, and more before they go to their new homes. 
PLEASE  spay/neuter and license/microchip your pets, so that more of the lovely cats and dogs that come into open-intake shelters like MCAS (or any shelter) as "Lost/Found animals" can find their way back  to their homes again.